• Hainan Chicken Rice (or one of my very favourite meals)

    Posted on July 8, 2012 by in Uncategorized

    I am in love with this dish. I have had it in China and Singapore and it always just makes my heart and tummy sing.
    I have learnt to make it just the way I like it by trialing a few different recipes and mixing my favourite bits.
    I love it because it uses the whole chicken (has to be an organic, free range) and is hearty but light, the chicken is so tender it literally melts, the soup is hot and nourishing, it is fun to eat with friends, there are lots of bits to add and mix and it is just fabulous.

    I made it last night for a dear friend who is staying with me and was feeling a little under the weather, it made us all happy dance. If there was anyway I could put it on the menu here at Stork To Your Fork I would certainly do it, sadly it needs to eaten as soon as it is cooked!!


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