Stork to your Fork is a business based in Brunswick Heads making delicious and nutritionally balanced homemade meals for new mums.

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Forget a swan made out of nappies, a supply of hot meals for new mums and dads is enough to get you named Godparent!

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Meals can be custom made to suit your allergies and intolerances - Gluten, Dairy, Colic friendly, High Fibre etc.

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A mouth watering selection of homemade, delicious and nutritious dishes to please even the fussiest palate.


Stork to the Fork is Tess Kilgariff's attempt to see new mums happy, cared for and healthy after the birth of their babies!


Updates about Fork, Tess, and other newsy, recipe-y bits and bobs (including allergy information).


If you have any questions for Tess you can call her on the pink phone, or, err, contact her here.

"Tess filled my freezer with food after the birth of my baby, and in that first couple of hazy weeks when I was getting to know (and love) my new baby, learning to breastfeed, adjusting to interrupted sleep, and occasionally managing to brush my hair, her delicious meals saved my life, and my sanity. Not having to worry about cooking, or that I was getting a good balance of nutrients to feed my baby as my milk was coming in, was my saving grace. And by goodness, the woman can cook!" - Melody Valentine